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TT The Artist has just given an energetic performance, she and her dancers head backstage to unwind.

They danced one on each side off TT, complimenting her captivating delivery. They all dance, jump, and sweat. Another dancer, MiMi who has toured with Diplo was somehow dancing on the ceiling. TT raps her songs and the crowd is totally locked in. If you look up at the left wall, you may look up to the left to see three colorful paintings done by TT herself.  Her hair is straightened, blue and shoulder length and she dons an “Only in America” fitted and tee, black leggings that say “love” in green, and supra high tops. Her music is a fun, innovative experience as she describes it.

EK: It’s so energetic, how do you get that revved up for a performance?

TT: One thing I always remember, before I go on stage, for me, I remember what it’s like to be in the crow. And what would I want to experience if I was someone coming to see the show.  And my main goal with my music, especially my music I’m doing right now, ‘cause I have a diverse palette But Right now it’s really about getting the party started

EK: And you do that.

TT: And by the end of the set if should feel like they’ve released something.

EK: It was definitely like that.  Okay, so, when did you know that you wanted to be an artist?

TT: Somebody asked me this question the other day, and actually it was more of a hereditary thing. It was genetics. I was born into the arts because um, my father, he, uh, he literally knows how to draw. He used to doodle all the time, he used to doodle like sci-fi characters, like star trek, star wars stuff, and it used to be boring to me but when I grew up-um- I started painting and drawing when I was in like first grade, you know-

EK: I saw your art on the wall. It’s amazing.

TT: I wouldn’t know what I would do if I didn’t have that outlet to just sometimes paint. Because sometimes you can’t always express yourself through words. So for me, it’s a constant conversation between art and music.

We caught glimpses behind the scenes of your life on Youtube, one video catches a chance meeting between you and Rap Icon MC Lyte, what do experiences like that mean to you?

When I met MC Lyte ( I believe that was about 3 or 4 years ago) I was very excited and as always ready to display my talent.  She actually took the time to listen to my music and she loved the work I was doing. I have met a few big celebrities in the music industry throughout my career. As a new artist I feel that I feel like its cool to meet celebrities to see that these people are real and do exist, however, don’t expect for them to cosign you and “put you on” just because their famous. The most important thing is to get their contact and keep them in the loop of your progress!

What is the hardest part of being an artist from a business perspective?

Funding projects are the biggest challenges along with time management. My schedule consists of teaching full -time and then my art and performance career which involves meetings, video and photo shoots, interviews, performances, and events. I always say I live a double life lol so I try to balance everything. Eventually, I hope to be able to sustain through my talents

TT is from Florida and says the music there reminds her of Baltimore club music and describes the music as a home away from home. In high school she was in the marching band, she loved strong beats and wasn’t afraid of performing.  She then attended Maryland Institute College of Arts where she took a wide range of classes and learned the political and technical aspects of art.  For a stretch of time, TT was a gogo-dancer, dancing until 2 am at Club One before going over thParadox to dance from 2-6. “You couldn’t stop me from dancing,” she says. When she’s doing everyday things like having lunch with a friend, she sometimes writers her ideas in her cell phone to record later. The inspiration flows.

She is currently releasing a single produced by Lil Youth through Sony Records UK. The track which will be released on his album is called “Do It,” and says it will be her first single officially coming out as an artist. She believes it will be a radio hit.

TT is busy at work. She is about drop a new video for a record she did with Mad Decent and Diplo. She is also working with producers Bronco, Lil Youth, BrenMar, and will soon be releasing a Baltimore Club EP with Blaqstarr featuring Baltimore club music through Mad Decent.

TT and Mighty Mark are also working on releasing an EP called Mighty through MovelTraxx Records, a Europe based label and she also has a solo project in the works.

Edited by Sencera Grei

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