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Catchy hooks and hallucinogenic beats overwhelm the charming boutique known as For Rent Shoes, a collection of eclectic urban apparel and one of a kind sneakers, in Mt. Vernon. Spinning the tracks is DJ Mighty Mark, a Baltimore City Urban Legend. His set has everyone dancing and swaying with a drink in one hand and cell phone in the other, trying to capture the magic. Inception 2014 was an invite-only but fully open to the public on LiveStream via Industry Grind. The room was dark with shades of pink, orange and purple lights illuminating the small space and in front of the DJ booth, TSU dancers performed high energy choreography on the ground level stage. Impressively, Mighty Mark DJ’s his own set, then stays put to DJ for TT The Artist, and Blaqstarr too. But it was more than a show. Inception 2014 was a true celebration of the Baltimore club music renaissance.

DJ Mighty Mark takes his role as the club music superhero very seriously.  While DJ’ing his set he grabs the mic and sings the verses and hooks to his songs because, “It’s more like a show than an actual DJ set…..it’s more like an experience,” he says. The superhero continues, “I rarely do a show that I don’t bring the dancers with me…. You gon’ see people runnin’ through the crowd dancing.  It’s gonna be like a whole B-MORE experience when you book me…..And you can’t really get that. When I go out of state and do it, it’s like crazy, people have never seen it so people don’t know how that feels so, they just have a ball.”

Born and raised in Baltimore, the 24-year-old Cherry Hill native that DJ’s, produces, raps, and owns his own record label is from a large family, but not a particularly musical one. He found his interest in music on his own in elementary school when he began rapping. In High School, he was running a rap and spoken word club at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. By his senior year, Mighty Mark had started making his own beats in the school’s music studio by teaching himself the software and practicing day in and day out.

His musical influences range from the greats like Kanye West and Pharell to Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit. Mark says he likes rap and rock music, “with a lot of energy and…rawness.”

When he started rapping he was only doing club music but many people were always asking if he could DJ. “When you make club music, ya know, people want you to come out and play it….That’s the next step is DJ’ing, when you play club music you play it live,” he explains.  But he still says he’s more of an artist than a DJ.

Mighty Mark has successfully re-branded himself from “Murder Mark” to the anime style super-hero that he is.

Recognizing that he was already doing the work it took to produce, record, promote and find placements for artists, Mighty Mark decided to create his own record label, Zoo on Mars Entertainment. He says, “It’s not a big label constantly looking for new artists. I’m really looking for artists that are self-sufficient that I can really assist and give my advice and knowledge to. But it was the next step if I want to put my own stuff out I had to have a brand to put out underneath. ” TT The Artist is a buzz-worthy upcoming rapper under Zoo on Mars Entertainment. Mighty Mark handles her features and produces most of her music.

He and Blaqstarr will soon be teaming up to do monthly events in the city starting this spring. The duo is also planning to do a lunch party for the release of Mighty Marks new EP called “Mighty”  being dropped on Moveltraxx.com and features Baltimore club tracks and remixes plus features from TT. EP will be released in MAY.  Fans can expect videos to be dropping over the next month.

Catch up with the adventures of Mighty Mark at www.mightymarkadventures.com

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